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Breakfast, lunch & a full bar!

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1747 Plainfield Ave,
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


Open 7 Days a Week
8 AM–3 PM

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Best Brunch

in Grand Rapids

We have options for everyone!
Vegan Brunch | Sunday Brunch

Enjoy the nostalgic comforts of home-cooked flavor. All our recipes are made from scratch using farm-fresh ingredients from local vendors!

Why People are Lovin' Lucy's

"Flavors are incredibly well thought out. Every item we ordered was delicious and unique and our waiter had incredibly good suggestions for pairings and add ons. Delicious!" – Nathan E
"I love Lucy's! The ambiance in here is so nice, they have plenty of parking around them, the service was quick and friendly, and the food was phenomenal! I highly recommend giving it a try!" – Megan H
"We loved this place. It's beautiful inside, service is excellent, pastries are delicious and grits are phenomenal! I've been back twice and will go back every time I am in town." – Valerie S
"Love the ambiance and character of the restaurant. Staff were friendly and quick to bring everything out, even during a busy Sunday brunch time. Food was delicious!" – Julia D
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Private Dining

Host your next event at The Loft—a mezzanine-style private dining space overlooking the restaurant!

From small gatherings to larger parties, we’d love to accommodate your next celebration!

Serving Up Creative Dishes in the

Creston Neighborhood

Lucy’s is your go-to eatery in the Creston neighborhood! Purchased by Essence Restaurant Group—one of the most established restaurant teams in West Michigan—Lucy’s blends an enhanced hospitality experience with the comforts of home-cooked flavor and friendly service. We believe in honest dining and use only the freshest ingredients from local farms in our scratch kitchen. Our food has been bringing people together for generations, and we’re committed to honoring our roots by continuing to help folks make happy memories within our four walls. Come visit us at Lucy’s and experience the comfort, nostalgia and genuine hospitality that we’re known for!

Join Our Team!

If you want to engage in your community and create genuine dining experiences for all guests, come work with us!

We provide nostalgic comforts to the Creston community as the northeast side’s neighborhood eatery. Plus, when you’re part of the Essence Restaurant family, you receive competitive salary and benefits at a reduced cost, including shared medical and generous employee-dining discounts!

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Pre-Order Your Holiday Pies!

December 1–20

‘Tis the season to savor the sweet flavors of the holidays! Pre-order our homemade apple, pumpkin and pecan pies and pick them up right before your big celebrations!

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We love to serve as many people as we can! Join our waitlist to save your spot in line.